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Pirates and Emperors

Ian Buckley draws an eye-opening historical parallel of our times with two great events in British history: the Enclosures of the eighteenth century and the Dissolution of the Monasteries of two centuries earlier. Indeed our position in the Brave New World is similar to that of an English peasant who found himself being fenced out of meadows and forests he thought were free for him to roam.

Pirates and Emperors:
Double standards in the decaying American Empire
by Ian Buckley

The Chinese had a term for it. The phrase they used was losing the mandate of heaven, which signified the times when the ancient dynasties fell, a process often accompanied by natural disasters.

Looking at the United States of America today, ravaged by fire, wind and water, bogged down in unwinnable wars, and suffering from long-run economic decline, who can doubt that the end of America's mandate has come?

Like the later Roman Empire, the American Empire rests upon coercion, so it?s hardly a surprise that panic, looting and rioting were prevalent in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. When coercion is removed, the inevitable pent-up feelings burst forth, like liquid froth over the levees.

As Shamir does, I too have long hoped for a rapprochement between far right, far left and Muslims against the NWO. So it was something of a disappointment to read various rightist commentators who focussed on the looters in New Orleans, and - by extension - to the alleged dangers and defects of US blacks. This to my mind is a retrograde step, and a distraction which leads away from a solid anti-war, anti-government and anti-Zionist position. Assuredly, nothing would delight the corrupt and bankrupt nomenklatura in Washington more than a low-intensity ethnic conflict. Divide et impera, as they used to say in the old days..

Mindful of the Confucian dictum, to consider the cause in yourself, I would ask: how about discussing the defects of 'Whitey' instead? This ethnic group has, without any doubt, produced more traitors than any other race, ranging from bought and sold mendacious politicians to the blonde and bland robotic shiksas that staff the TV studios of the official disinformation media.

These Anglo-Saxon types are also - in general - distressingly obedient, lining up in serried rows in the Iraqi desert, to kill and be killed, for no better reason than that Levy slipped a few million quid into phoney Tony's office trust fund seven or eight years ago.1 If it were not so tragic, it would be laughable.

Now maybe I am a bit of an awkward curmudgeon, but I always tend to take an interest when anyone or anything is subject to persistent media demonisation. One favourite victim of such tactics has been Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan's people would seem to represent the best and most disciplined part of the black community. So naturally they receive next to no state aid, US 'aid' to black ghettoes being generous only when it comes to the covert issuing of large quantities of crack cocaine and heroin by clandestine intelligence operatives. Those who are doubtful or incredulous about this topic are advised to read Narco Dollars for Dummies by Catherine Austin Fitts which explains the situation quite clearly.2

Farrakhan is a very bad and dangerous man, or so saith the corporate media. But an actual reading of his speeches reveals him as a moralist, a genuine, if somewhat verbose, man of God. One sample quote for flavour: 'It is wrong to degrade another human being who is already degraded.' And this is a quite profound statement. The white man in America, and the black man in America have both been degraded in different ways by the System.

Who knows which sort of degradation is worse? It works both ways. Respectable, overworked Caucasian suburbanites from Connecticut are never likely to set off the - some might say long overdue - Second American Revolution. But those who are stigmatised as rioters and looters might well do just that.

The media is adept at creating and utilising fake indignation: 'Look, viewer, at that dreadful man with the plasma screen TV under his arm!' But the real looters are not in flood-damaged stores, they are in the legislature, taking bribes from lobbyists.

The true villains are the elite's appointed leaders - sniffing cocaine, salting money away in Swiss accounts, making devastating wars - certainly not the poor woman running away from a store, her supermarket trolley loaded up with electronics. It is grand larceny versus petty larceny. Our shabby misrulers, the real reprobate robbers, are empty husks, shell men in a shell game. 'The politics of failure have failed. It is time to make them work again.'3

Nowadays, people must have memories as short as the proverbial goldfish in a tank. Does no-one recall the Saving and Loan scandal, a grand scale looting of lots of decent, middling American folks, which implicated a member of the Bush dynasty? How about the frauds perpetrated by Boesky and friends around the same time? Enron, anyone? Trillions missing in Iraq? Blood and gold..the hefty profits made by insiders on 'put options' for airline stocks, days before 9/11?

In Britain too, the Thatcher-Blair 'scamola' has resulted in the biggest transfer of wealth from the public sector into private hands ever seen, dwarfing even the Enclosures of the eighteenth century and the Dissolution of the Monasteries of two centuries earlier. Fred Pasley foretold in his biography of Al Capone that ambitious criminals would be craftier and wiser than 'Scarface Al' and move into politics as the next racket. The above gruesome duo show the truth of Pasley's statement.

In the future, it would be sensible to avoid attacking mere 'pirates' and to concentrate instead on exposing what the 'emperors' have done to our respective societies. One of the few American politicians I admire is a black woman, who has relentlessly probed away at ?imperial? deceits. Long may she continue to do so!

1 For more information, see comments from Tam Dalyell, a grand fellow and just about the last old socialist left in the British parliament : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2003/05/04/ndaly04.xml
2 http://www.usmjparty.com/article_5.htm
3 Clinton ? but only as truthfully reinterpreted by The Simpsons
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