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Vtoraya Rossiya

WRM: How do you operate without a large contribution from volunteers and a larger manpower base? And what are the external purposes of this work?

IK: You do not understand the purpose of our organization. We are not a mass party. We are a shadow hand. Our goal is the triumph of Communism, but we are not going to do that only by ourselves. We provide information support to Russian Communist groups like AKM, NBP, SKM, MGSO, RKSM (b), and so on. They are our soldiers.

Activists of large official parties like Trudovaya Russia and KPRF are our officers. And we are colonels and generals. Our goal is to ensure the triumph of Communism. Even if Russia will be controlled by socialist fascists like the guys from RNE (RNU=Russian National Unity; the guys who are using the red flag and bladed swastika on it, I can send you the link to a great video clip—how they are doing military training), we will make sure these fascists build a Communist state.

Several years ago, NBP tried to implement the ASNSR Sovietia project. The operation was codenamed “Vtoraya Rossiya” (“Second Russia”). They failed, because they tried to do that alone, not wanting the help of other allies. Their leader, Eduard Limonov (famous writer, by the way, who lived in America and was disgusted by it) was arrested for buying a party of Kalashnikov assault rifles. Search the web about Limonov’s trial—he was following the Sovietia project.

As for our attitude towards the United States, that’s a hard question. Democratic reforms in Russia killed more Russian people than were killed by the Nazis in the Great Patriotic War, so some of our members want revenge. But most of them agree that we do not need to dwell on the past. All we need is to kick the American forces out of the ex-USSR republics, to ensure world stability and peace. We do not need as a large military force; we need deterrent, and nothing more.

Of course, if America continues its imperialist fight for global domination through invasions of other states, our duty will be to stop it and fight the war against America.

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